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18-19 September
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How to boost your students' progress?
Enjoy teaching:
How to tailor cool lessons?
Management secrets:
How to work efficiently and
do more?
Promoting your product:
How to monetize your certificates?
How to build your
personal brand?
How to avoid professional burnout?
Programme of the conference
Anita Modestova
11:00 How to be effective: working from home
Marina Mishcherikova
11:30 How to be more confident
Claire Barnes
12:05 What makes a good speaking test?
Antoine Marcq
13:00 Improving fluency of your students
Andrew Walkley
13:45 The Learning Cosmos Conceptual Framework
André Hedlund
14:20 Google translate is your friend!
First Day (Eng)
Scott Thornbury
15:00 Teacher talk: improving learning and engagement
16:00 Knowledge: organize and practice

ProgressMe Expert
16:30 Best instrument for your courses
Таtiana Fanstein
11:00 Young Leaners: Speaking
Еkaterina Shadrova
11:30 How to get your students ready for USE?
Natasha Brisa
13:30 Why do you fail to sell your product?
Alexander Solovyev
14:15 Advanced marketing for teachers
Natalia Dudchenko
15:00 Customer Success Management
Second Day (Rus)
Аlena Кihay
15:30 Effective time-management for teachers
Andrey Tikhonov


16:00 Trends and predictions for online teaching
Irina Аgeykina
12:00 Why will your student fail to enter the university?
Оlga El Каzzaz
12:30 An ideal
How to be effective: working from home
Anita Modestova is a CELTA qualified teacher, psychologist, and business trainer. She specialises in teaching general English to adults, low levels and also delivers seminars on how to build your career as a self-employed teacher. Anita manages her own professional development community for teachers of English - Teachers Teach Teachers

How to be effective: working from home

Be more productive working from home and find a healthy work-life balance.
How to be more confident
Marina Mishcherikova is a certified teacher (PhD in Linguistics, СPE Delta Module 1, Module 2 (grade “Distinction”), an author of teacher training courses for Skyway, Skyeng, ELT Uni and ESL and EFL courses, incl. “English for Mid-Year Phase” for the Skolkovo school, a speaker of Skyteach Community, a mentor at Yandex programs, a teacher trainer and coach with 7 years of experience, a founder of online university “ELT University” (5000+ English teachers)
Her blog @elt_party

How to be more confident
Get rid of Impostor syndrome and become a more confident teacher and person. Find out how to make your expertise and certificates work for you. Let yourself earn more and value your time. Marina is ready to share her secrets of success and teach you to be better in your profession and happier in life.
What makes a good speaking test?
Claire Barnes is the leading methodologist of Cambridge Assessment English, CELTA trainer

What makes a good speaking test?

Learn about the best ways and criteria to assess speaking. Find out more about test tasks and the skills they tap into, scoring speaking tests, and how speaking tests can benefit learners.
Building fluency of your students
Antoine Marcq is a co-founder of Resource Education, materials, and CPD for language teachers. He specializes in developing advanced communication skills and accurate fluency. His mission is to provide teachers with the materials and training to excel in their field.

Building fluency of your students

Turning knowledge into a skill. Learn how to make your students use what they know. Empower your students through language and give them the tool to express their ideas, their creativity, their momentum. Explore the applications of Dr. Daniel Kahneman’s System 1 and System 2 thought process and Dr. K. Anders Ericsson’s Deliberate Practice in Language Learning and train to apply those skills to lesson preparation.
Methodology secrets
Andrew Walkley is a famous teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. He has over 25 years’ experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language. He is also a co-director of Lexical Lab. The Lexical Lab specialises in course design, consultancy, teacher training and material writing. Andrew delivers various training courses and runs workshops for ELT all over the world and teaches on a summer school in London. Andrew is the co-author of coursebooks: “Outcomes”, “Innovations”, “Perspectives”, “Roadmap” and the methodology book “Teaching Lexically”.

Google translate is your friend

Google translate is often seen as teachers' nemesis threatening to take over our jobs. In this talk I will discuss how we can make principled use of Google in and out of the classroom, while at the same time highlighting how teachers can uniquely add value through teacher-student interaction.

The Learning Cosmos Conceptual Framework
André Hedlund is a Chevening Alumnus, MSc Psychology of Education - University of Bristol, Educational Consultant, Speaker, and Guest Lecturer on Bilingualism and Cognition in Postgraduate courses. He currently works as an Edify Bilingual Program Mentor and as a member of BRAZ-TESOL’s Mind, Brain, and Education SIG.

The Learning Cosmos Conceptual Framework

Discover the Learning Cosmos concept, which attempts to summarize evidence-based principles into spheres of influence in the learner's universe. Reflect on the impact of the cognitive, emotional, motivational, instructional design, and contextual levels of learning.
Teacher talk: how talk scaffolds learning and engagement
Creator of Dogme method, author of "Teaching Unplugged" and materials for CELTA, DELTA.

Scott Thornbury has taught and trained in Egypt, UK, Spain, and in his native New Zealand. Until recently, he taught on an online MA TESOL program for The New School in New York. His writing credits include several award-winning books for teachers on language and methodology, including About Language (Cambridge) and The New A-Z of ELT (Macmillan). His latest two books are 30 Language Teaching Methods and 101 Grammar Questions (both Cambridge). He is also the series editor for the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers and a trustee of the HandsUp Project, which promotes drama activities in English for children in under-resourced regions of the Arab world.

Teacher talk: how talk scaffolds learning and engagement

Find out more about classroom interaction and why and how the talk might be more beneficial.
Classrooms develop their own discourse conventions, typically taking the form of teachers asking display questions (How many fingers have I got?) rather than real questions (How many brothers have you got?). A diet exclusively of teacher-initiated display questions may be an impoverished one, as Scott will attempt to show, drawing on studies of classroom interaction. For language learning, in particular, it might be more beneficial if at least some of the talk that is generated is both authentic and learner-initiated. Here he will show why and how.

Knowledge: organize and practice
Sarah @sarrrochka
Sarah is a linguist, methodologist, founder of the Teachers' Club.

Knowledge: organize and practice
Discover new efficient methods of organising information and knowledge. Learn how to assess results of your work and see your progress. Find out more ways to get inspired and motivated.

Young Leaners: Speaking
Tatiana Fanstein is the creator of the online school and courses for teachers, an expert in teaching children of all ages, especially teaching speaking skills to even very young learners. Tatiana has tailored 13 free and pre-paid online courses taken up by more than 2000 people.

Speaking and young learners

Find out how to improve the speaking skills of your young learners
How to get your students prepared for USE if you have only 1 lesson a week
  • Ekaterina Shadrova is a - Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Docent, a USE expert, a jury of the Russian Olympiad for Schoolchildren, a co-author of Cambridge textbook "English for Academics".

How to get your students prepared for USE if you have only 1 lesson a week

Structure the preparation process and help your students achieve their goals even if they have only 1 lesson a week. Find out how to help your students improve their language skills, get familiar with assessment criteria, and practice oral and written parts of the exam. Learn how to organize and plan your lessons.
An ideal unit-planner
Olga El Kazzaz is a director of the Cambridge Clubs in Russia, a founder and methodologist of a teachers community "Cambridge Teacher"

An ideal unit-planner

How to remember to add all the materials needed to teach a textbook unit? Where to save all songs, videos, games, and additional exercises for the course? And how to organize it all in one place? Olga is ready to share her template of an ideal unit planner where you will be able to organize all your materials and structure the lessons not to forget anything.
Почему ваш ученик НЕ поступит в вуз на бюджет?
Irina Ageykina is a founder of the project "Teachers who care"А

Why will your student fail to enter the university?

You are going to discuss the results of the entering campaign 2021, find out how to get 303 points for 3 subjects, and enter the university! Your students will be the ones to get free high education.
Why do you fail to sell?
Natasha Andronova is an expert in blogging for teachers, the author of the blog @_brisa_

Why do you fail to sell?

Find out the maim mistakes in promoting and product sales not to make them.
Advanced marketing for teachers
Alexander Soloviev is a co-founder of Qmarketing Academy.

Advanced marketing for teachers
Learn what targeting is and why an instructor should use it. An expert will help you understand the terms and show the benefits of the tool. Learn to use your personal account and create useful selling texts.
Customer Success Management
Natalia Dudchenko is the founder of the online school of English language Study Less.
Customer Success Management

Study the ways to help your students achieve the desired results after buying your course.
Effective time management for teachers
Alena Kihay is the author of the Give&Get community for online teachers (25К subscribers), a teacher trainer, an experienced teacher, a speaker of Russian and International conferences on online teaching, a certified expert (TKT Modules 1,2,3), an owner of an elite club for online teachers.

Effective time management for teachers

Discover the secrets of 4D method in teaching and forget about lack of time for good.
Trends and predictions for online teaching in Russia and abroad.
Andrey Tikhonov is an experienced English teacher and ProgressMe product owner.

Trends and predictions for online teaching
Find out more about trends and predictions of online education based on the feature requests by ProgressMe users and the interviews with the teachers in the USA and India. Andrey will help you to keep up with the rapidly changing market of online studies.
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